Establishing one’s career in today’s competitive environment has become an endless pursuit to most job seekers. Employers too are increasingly having a hard time finding the right person for the job. Too often, there remains a huge gap between the skills required by the industry and what a graduate has learned from school, hence job mismatch arises.

STI steps up to bridge this gap by introducing the world’s very first E2E (Enrollment to Employment) System.

The E2E System is a complete approach to human resource development, which aims to develop ICT-enabled professionals through innovative learning and career planning methodologies through applicable education, job market skills, job preparedness and job placement assistance. It covers every student’s needs from the time he enrolls in STI up to the moment he applies for a job.

STI’s responsibility to its graduates goes beyond quality education. Through the assured Job Placement Assistance Program, STI warrants every graduate employment support with the help of I-CARES.

The Interactive Career Assistance and Recruitment System (I-CARES) is part of STI’s continuing commitment to provide employment opportunities for its graduates. Introduced in 2003, it is an online career service system that provides assistance to STI students and alumni by establishing links with prospective employers. The system allows the alumni to store and edit their resumes in a databank and be able to access them anytime, anywhere. Employment opportunities, that are open to alumni for online application, are posted and are kept current. Upon request of legitimate corporate partners, the I-CARES also has the facility to filter its database based on the personnel requirements of companies relative to the qualifications specified by the alumni in their stored resume.

I-CARES is the first and the only system of its kind in the Philippine educational setting.

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