Polish that résumé!


As the first thing your employers will see, your résumé has to be spick and span, well-organized, and easy to read. It should contain the following: Educational Attainment, Experience, and Skills that would make you a good candidate to fill the job vacancy. When you’re job-hunting and applying for different positions, your résumé should reflect the needs and qualifications of that particular job posting and company.    
1.Keep it short and straight-forward. As much as possible, keep your résumé brief and to the point in 1 page. Hiring managers see over a hundred of applications and résumés a day. Because of this, your résumé should be formatted in a way that would be easy to read. The fundamental information (such as your contact details, educational attainment, experiences, and skills) should be clearly seen. As a general rule, use bullet-pointed lists. Be concise, don’t describe your experiences in paragraphs. That’s what the interview is for!    
2.Proofread. Don’t let a simple typo or grammatical error keep you from landing an interview at your dream company – most especially when you’re applying for a job that requires good oral and written communication skills. Have a friend with a good eye for detail look it over and review it for you, especially the contact details. It might just mean the difference between getting an interview for the company or not.    
3.Include your extra-curricular activities and organizations. If your grade point average is high, don’t be afraid to include it, too. As a fresh grad, you are evaluated on your character, skills, and accomplishments while you were a student. If you worked part-time, or became an officer of your school organization, what have you learned from it? One might say that as a part-time worker and student, you’re more capable of managing your time and your priorities than the other candidates.    
Over all, your résumé should be able to show that you are the best candidate for the job.    
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