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Now that you know how to survive your interview in style, the next step is knowing how to present yourself during the interview. While your résumé may be impressive and you have the looks for the job, it is the interview process that is the most crucial. It is the time you get to make a first impression that can maybe even land you the job! Like they say, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so you have to make it count.    
1. Let your body talk. Sometimes body language says more about us than we think we do. Be mindful of your posture. Sit up straight and don’t slouch. During the initial exchange of introductions, be sure to give a firm hand shake. If your employer doesn’t hold out his hand, extend yours as a sign of good will anyway. If you are prone to sweaty hands, be sure to keep a napkin or a handkerchief in your pocket to wipe your sweat off before a handshake.    
2. Ask questions. Be bibo or sociable. Don’t let the interview be one-sided. Your employer or hiring manager shouldn’t be the only one who is asking all the questions. This is where your research about the company and the industry comes in. Ask relevant questions to show that you’re knowledgeable and interested in working there.    
3. Be grateful. Instead of darting out of the door the moment your interview is over, be sure to thank your employer for taking the time to meet with you. Let them know you’re available for any follow-up questions. Being open and pleasant to the interviewer will surely leave a good impression.    
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