Starting a career on a winning stride


Finally, you are now a part of the professional league. A lot of immediate plans are running through your mind --- you’ll treat your family with your first paycheck, you will get rid of your ‘antique’ cellphone and buy the latest model, get a new wardrobe to have that ‘professional chic’ look and so on and so forth.    
First things first, you need to get a job. The good news is, there are thousands of job opportunities waiting for neophytes like you. The bad news is, more than the available jobs are individuals wanting to get the slots. Statistics would even more prove the intense competition in the professional world. The big question is: are you completely prepared for it?    
Below are some of the four key imperatives to help jumpstart your career on a winning stride:    
1. Identify your professional goals. In every endeavor, a goal is imperative. It will define the road you will take. Enlist your short-term and long-term plans. Arrange them according to your priority and then identify the necessary action to achieve the plans. Also in this exercise, pinpoint the kind of industry you want to start your career with. Identify your priority prospective employers and concentrate on these targets first. In this way, you will start your job hunting on the right track. You surely wouldn’t want to begin your bid with a ‘try-and-leave’ strategy which is time wasting.    
2. Arm yourself with extra ‘powers.’ Surely, you already underwent to several training and seminars on creating a winning resume, how to effectively pass the nerve-wracking interviews, power dressing and a lot more. Some of you are even tired of getting tips on those areas. But with the very intense competition out there, it is advisable for you to continuously empower your self by reading helpful references, getting consultancies from the experts and attending seminars on career growth. It is also an advantage if you further your skills by attending crash courses or formal training. Remember, every employer would want employees who are highly skilled and expert in different areas.    
3. Network! Network! Network! This is the most opportune time for you to contact your former teachers, old friends and even the friends of your siblings or relatives. Build your network with these people as they are good sources of referrals. There are also some online groups where you could join. Chat with them. Be generous in helping them if they need information. In other words, develop your relationship with them. They might just be the ones who will open door of opportunities for you.    
4. Be optimistic despite inevitable odds. It is important to prepare yourself for possible failures along the way. These are natural occurrences. Even the most intelligent and smart individual go through the same process. Despite the inevitable odds, you have to keep your focus, learn from the mistakes, and be confident that you can do it.    
Indeed, the professional league offers a lot of promises. High compensations, good stature and the title that goes with it are just some of the ‘attractions.’ The diploma that was just handed to you months ago is a strong proof that you have the capabilities to get such privileges. It is up to you now to act on the opportunities.
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