STI Salutes this year's Distinguished Alumni


STI's most distinguished alumni gathered in one special event! On April 20, 2017 in Okada, Manila, we celebrated the accomplishments of eight of our alumni whose feats in their respective fields and their contribution to society have made them notable members of the STI community. The STI Alumni Association (STIAA) called forth the recipients of this 2017 STI Distinguished Alumni Awards.    
"As their alma mater, we are proud to recognize our alumni who serve as role models not only to our students and other members of the STI community, but also to all those who aspire to make their own success. Their stories are true testaments of how we train our students as an academic institution,"    
- Dr. Lloyd Bautista, STI Vice President for Academic Services.
Get to know this year's batch of STI Distinguished Alumni awardees below (arranged according to year they graduated):    
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