STI Distinguished Alumni Awards aims to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of the STI alumni in a solemn and meaningful gathering held at Solaire Resort Manila last May 5, 2023.


The program was warmly welcomed by the Vice President for Academics, Ms. Aisa Q. Hipolito. It was followed by the introduction and awarding of a plaque to each alumnus who exemplifies the core values of STI in their outstanding professional and entrepreneurial achievements.    
The following are the 23 honored STI Alumni with reinforcing pride, loyalty, and affiliation to the institution.    
The Fearless Entrepreneur    
She was a 3rd-year college student when she started a small business to fund her studies. From selling lip tints in school, our awardee has now expanded Carizma Beauty Products and opened it for distribution to help young entrepreneurs who were once like her. Her business has been recognized as the "Best Beauty and Skincare Product Provider" at the 32nd Asia Pacific Excellence Award in 2022.    
A graduate of STI College Muñoz-EDSA, Ms. Cariza Milam Llena.    
The Gaming Guru    
For most, gaming is just a hobby; but with pure passion and dedication, it can turn into a thriving profession. Known as E2MAX, he started as a player with many seasons under his belt which levelled him up to the Team Coach of EXECRATION, a professional e-sports team representing the country. Taking pride in 11 wins, 7 of which he was the team captain, and bringing home the Championship title, MLBB South East Asia Cup 2021.    
A graduate of STI College Muñoz-EDSA, Mr. Patrick James B. Caidic.    
The Motivated Data Master    
Humble beginnings did not stop this awardee from excelling in her chosen career. She now stands as a seasoned professional with an extensive experience in Data Analytics and Data Management. Her faith in God and herself has led her to become the Senior Sales Operations Specialist at Amazon Web Services.    
A graduate of STI College Sta. Cruz, Ms. Angelica G. Ibañez.    
The Steadfast Educator    
Starting as a student assistant, all her life challenges did not hinder her from reaching her dreams. In 2014, she passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers and pursued her master's degree in 2017. Today, she is a Master Teacher II at Plaridel Integrated National High School.    
A graduate of STI College Sta. Cruz, Ms. Marian D. Quitola.    
The Grateful Artist    
Tagisan ng Talino sparked her dreams and passion for baking. Today, she owns a shop called Captain's Chef Sugar Arts Cakes and Pastries Shop and is a Brand Ambassador of Sugar King. Her talent is God's gift, and her way of giving back is by sharing her passion and knowledge with others.    
A graduate of STI College Naga, Ms. Joan V. Estabillo.    
The Digital Diva    
Our awardee is an experienced software engineer for more than ten (10) years. She strengthened her foundation in the industry in one of the largest IT companies in the Philippines. In 2018, she tried her luck abroad for career growth. Now, she is a Senior Analyst Programmer in iTac MSC Outsourcing based in Singapore.    
A graduate of STI College Fairview, Ms. Divine R. Tingzon.    
The Outstanding Bangsamoro Entrepreneur    
From representing his Alma Mater in the Tagisan ng Talino nationals to becoming a young chef, caterer, and entrepreneur of an award-winning Café and Catering Services company in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, our next awardee founded four businesses. Cake Works, Greatea Smart Café, Kitchenmix, and Skin Aesthetics, all showcase his resilience and perseverance.    
A graduate of STI College Cotabato, Mr. Yusop E. Dimaporo.    
The Staunch Parliament member    
A Parliament Member of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) and also the Chairman of the BARMM's Committee on Science and Technology, our next awardee is fulfilled to be allowed to work on addressing issues related to technology, healthcare, education, economic growth, and infrastructure development of the whole region.    
A graduate of STI College Cotabato, Mr. Suharto S. Esmael.    
The Royal CEO    
Our awardee believes that it takes determination and hard work to achieve one's dream – and he did just that. Driven by his strong ambition to reach his goal, this business graduate is now the proud owner and CEO of the Royal Prince Aesthetic Slimming Center, which now has 12 branches!    
A graduate of STI College Balayan – Mr. Prince Jefrey O. Hernandez.    
The Servant Leader    
He is a respected public servant, having been elected as Sangguniang Kabataan Chairperson / Ex-Officio Barangay Councilor of Sta. Maria, Bulacan from 2018 to present. His stay in the Sanggunian has garnered him various recognitions from the local government, such as the "NATATANGING SANGGUNIANG KABATAAN CHAIRPERSON NG BULACAN", "2022 SALUDO EXCELLENCE AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING HUMANITARIAN AND LEADERSHIP SERVICE", and "METRO EXCELLENCE LEADERSHIP AWARD IN HUMANITARIAN AND PUBLIC SERVICE."    
A graduate of STI College Sta. Maria, Mr. Hans Reginald J. Alejandro.    
The Pandemic Hero    
Being an ER nurse at the height of the pandemic proved to be a big shift in our next awardee's life as he experienced first-hand how what being a frontline is like. As a nurse, now assigned to the pediatric emergency care of one of the most reputable hospitals in the country, he is proud to sacrifice his interest to ensure the safety and well-being of every patient.    
A graduate of STI College Sta Maria, Mr. Pampilo S. Catapang Jr.    
The World Class Windsurfer    
The wind, the waves, and his discipline fueled our next awardee to become a multi-awarded National Athlete of the Philippine Sports Commission and the Philippine Olympic Committee. He is a globally recognized windsurfer, who even took home the gold medal during the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.    
A graduate of STI College Batangas, Mr. Yancy F. Kaibigan.    
The Favored Son    
This awardee is grateful for all the blessings he has received, which helped him become an experienced professional in the education industry. He prides himself with a lot of affiliations ever since he was in college today. Through his commitment, he finished his Doctorate in Technology and is now a university professor and Consultant in IT and Engineering at ERovoutika.    
A graduate of STI College – Novaliches, Dr. Joel B. Mangaba.    
The Principled Officer    
In a few months, he will be celebrating his 15th year in the military service. His journey has led him to a lot of leadership opportunities, climbing the ladder slowly but surely — taking pride that his success is credited to being able to put the morale and welfare of his juniors ahead of his own.    
A graduate of STI College Legazpi, Mr. Edmar L. Andes.    
The Passionate Public Servant    
A professor, a leader, a mentor, and a public servant, this awardee has a lot of hats to wear and laurels on his leaves. Currently the department head of the Provincial History, Arts, Culture, and Tourism Office of the Provincial Government of Bulacan with a long list of accolades to his name, he claims his best achievement is having his students and mentees outshine him.    
A graduate of STI College Malolos, Dr. Eliseo S. Dela Cruz.    
The Compassionate Entrepreneur    
She started her business at a young age and continues to shine brighter each day. As the owner of A&M Closet which now has 17 branches in Luzon and Visayas, this awardee is an entrepreneur with a heart, as she provides aspiring entrepreneurs with opportunities to start their dreams while also giving back to the community through charity and volunteer work.    
A graduate of STI College Balagtas - Ms. Allaine Geraldine N. Francisco - De Vera.    
The FinTech Master    
Leading various teams of engineers in Hong Kong and Singapore has provided this awardee with a chance to experience diverse cultures and effectively collaborate across multiple teams and functions. He has always been the driver of the team and now catalyzes a newly formed group of 70 engineers in Maya Bank.    
A graduate of STI College Sta Mesa - Mr. Michael Philip B. Favila.    
The Resilient Health Worker    
Being a single mom served as her motivation to persevere in her journey and enjoy her successes today. She reviewed herself for the National Council Licensure Examination while being a mom and handling all the pressure as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse at Tayabas Community Hospital. Today, she enjoys her American dream with her son as a Dialysis Nurse of MedPro International Staffing deployed in New York and Pennsylvania, USA.    
A graduate of STI College Lucena, Ms. Jaztine Marie R. Potestades.    
The Strong-willed Dream Weaver    
From her humble beginnings to fulfilling not only her dreams but also the dreams of thousands of Filipinos, she was able to deploy to Japan as the President and Owner of the ARK Overseas Human Resource Corporation. Our next awardee excels not only in her chosen field but also has continued to become an active participant in various humanitarian service projects.    
A graduate of STI College Makati now known as STI College Pasay-EDSA, Ms. Merely P. Fukuta.    
The Thai Cuisine Champ    
What began as a student ambassador of STI College Ortigas-Cainta to Thailand helped our next awardee find his purpose. His experience in Thailand has made him realize how his deep passion for cooking can be translated into being a progressive entrepreneur who can bring the flavors of Thailand closer to Filipinos through his restaurant called Chawasdee.    
A graduate of STI College Ortigas-Cainta, Mr. Christian V. Delgado.    
The Decorated Police Officer    
Our next awardee is a Police I.T. Officer putting his BSIT and MIT degrees to use in the Philippine National Police. He was promoted to a commissioned officer with the rank of Police Lieutenant. He is a bemedaled officer with 10 Medalya ng Papuri, 15 Medalya ng Kasanayan, and 4 Medalya ng Kadakilaan, in his belt, among others.    
A graduate of STI College Ortigas-Cainta, Mr. Christian M. Lozano.    
The Influencer    
He is the epitome of professionalism, from the way he thinks, and the skills he continues to accumulate, to even the slightest detail of looking professional and being ahead of time. This awardee prides himself as an analytics professional who shares his passion for IT with others, now handling the post as Senior Consultant - Data Engineer in Golden Arches Development Corp (McDonald's McDonald's).    
A graduate of STI College Ortigas-Cainta, Mr. Jayson A. Silverio.    
The Vigilant Sergeant    
From graduating with a degree in Nursing to moving on to getting a degree in Criminology, and now taking up his Juris Doctor, our awardee is passionate about learning. With the support of family and STI, he became a Registered Nurse in 2011 and has trained to become a Policeman who proudly represented the country in the Interpol project TRACE in 2018.    
A graduate of STI College Sta. Maria, Mr. Wilbert F. Gunao.    
For over 40 years as an educational institution, STI takes pride in the caliber of its graduates who have distinguished themselves as professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, artists, and public servants. And as part of the closing remarks, our very own, the President of STI Alumni Association, Dr. Hernan Alar said "May you continue to achieve great things, and may you continue to inspire and lead by example. Let us work together to make the STI community even stronger, and to ensure that future generations of students can benefit from the same exceptional education and training that has made us who we are today." They have certainly lived up to STI's golden standard: To be the best that one can be.
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