IBM Career Exploration

IBM Career Exploration - Virtual Career Fair September 19, 2013 from 3PM to 7PM


IBM invites all STI graduating students and alumni to be part of “IBM Career Exploration” (ICE).    
ICE is a 4-hour live virtual career fair that allows students and alumni with an internet access to log-in to an IBM platform to participate. It is scheduled on September 19, 2013 from 3PM to 7PM.    
To pre-register, log on to to experience this FREE virtual career fair and have the opportunity to:    
• Listen from and interact with IBM’s top executives, and leading experts from a wide range of fields in business, technology, research, and human resources;    
• Explore career development programs and continuing education programs designed to accelerate opportunities for talented employees ;    
• Understand how to build and apply expertise and expand professional networks ; and    
• Learn how to best position themselves in a highly competitive job market.    
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