STIAA taps Heathway Medical for Quality Healthcare


The STIAA renews its partnership with Healthway Medical to provide quality healthcare to STI graduates and their dependents.    
Healthway Medical, the most trusted and preferred network of mall-based clinics in the Philippines, offers a unique one-stop-shop setting where minor surgical operations, special medical examinations and preventive healthcare and specialized medical consultations are performed under the administration of reputable and experienced doctors in the country.    
“STI Alumni members and their dependents, up to the first degree of consanguinity, may continue to enjoy Healthway’s premium services. Just by presenting a valid STI alumni card, it becomes a passport to health and wellness services at discounted prices. As STI community continues to grow, the benefit is not only for the STI alumni but is also extended to their family members,” shares STI Alumni Association President Hernan Alar.    
Healthway’s thrust is preventive, addressing the looming cases of cardiovascular diseases among young professionals. “Our partnership with STI Alumni Association allowed us to give members and their family an exclusive pass to health and wellness,” says Carmie de Leon, Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Healthway Medical. "Too often, due to our pursuit for career advancement, Filipinos take for granted their health. This time, with the continuance of the partnership, we will be able to cater to their healthcare needs and other special privileges to STI’s more than 12,000 graduates annually.”    
This partnership with Healthway Medical coincides with STI Alumni Association’s pursuit to strengthen the relationship to its members by providing exclusive access to services and benefits. STIAA stays true to its promise of a lifelong relationship with its graduates.    
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