Immersive Learning with Solaire


The alliance will provide internship programs to qualified STI students in any 4-year program from any STI campus nationwide. This program includes the following: (1) an orientation to prepare interns; (2) a formal training in a real life workplace; and (3) other activities conducted by the facilitators to help gauge the students’ practical aptitude. Their performances will be monitored by industry experts through monthly and term-end evaluations. Upon the completion of the program, interns will be granted certificates to recognize their participation and accomplishment. With the promise to provide students with a memorable and unparalleled internship experience, interns can look forward to gainful learning at Solaire.    
STI President & CEO Monico V. Jacob has commended this timely program. “The service industry is expanding; from restaurants and hotels to cruise lines and resorts, and now we also have world-class gaming destinations. Our partnership with Solaire will help us in the development of our programs through the additional hands-on experience it will provide to our students as they interact in an actual working environment. It will also equip them with more knowledge and skills, and provide them an area where they can apply and exhibit the right attitude as professionals in the workplace,” he shares.    
STI is one of the few schools to sign a collaboration with Solaire. As part of its training, it combines real life experience with its academic priming to advance their students’ education, and hone their potential so they will be competent and job-ready when they immerse in the professional landscape.    
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