The 1st STI Alumni & Placement Officers’ Training


From August 11 to 12, 2015, Alumni Relations, Placement & Linkages (APL) Group held the 1st APO Training with 68 participants selected by their respective schools. The training realigned the APO’s roles and functions to meet the needs and demands of both STI’s customers (the parents) and consumers (the industry) with our students as the end product. The APOs are tasked with the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of placement,partnerships and linkages, and alumni relations at the school level.    
In line with STI’s mission under the E2E System, the speakers highlighted the need to reinforce the last “E” or Employment. This was further discussed through modules prepared by the APL Group with the assistance of Ms. Belle Villegas, APO of STI College Caloocan and Ms. Des Encisa, APO of STI College Ortigas-Cainta, who shared their best practices.    
Through the training, STI expects the APOs to demonstrate the following:    
• Profiling students for career development;    
• Developing a relationship with local industries through the LGUs and local associations for data gathering and placement programs;    
• Fostering continuous improvement on learning strategies and student development through relaying feedback to SA/DSA and AH;    
• Assisting students to develop competencies on job search and effectively present themselves as candidates for employment; and    
• Understanding the value of monitoring and establishing a relationship with the alumni.    
APL was likewise supported by the MIS Group in modifying the I-CARE System. As compared to its past features, the I-CARE System can now enable the APOs to verify the information of graduating students, monitor the school’s placement rates, and generate an alumni database. At the same time, the system will provide real-time updates of STI’s placement rates across the network.    
The two-day training was capped-off with a culminating activity with selected academic partners who interviewed, observed, and evaluated the participants. This interaction demonstrated how effectively the participants were able to apply their learnings in a social business meeting scenario.    
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